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Marco Gorini
Marco Gorini was born in 1954 and after an early experience in the world of high fashion, he turned his talents to the faculty of architecture. A fine gourmet, his greatest pleasure is to spend time in the kitchen, preparing food with simple and genuine ingredients to his own recipes; the best that man and nature has to offer. In 1987 he formed the STRATO Company and dedicated his time exclusively to interior design, presenting his first STRATO kitchens at the Salone del Mobile di Milano. They immediately gained international fame for their quality and refined modernity. From those first creations to the present day, Marco Gorini, through use of the most sophisticated industrial techniques and knowingly conserved crafting skills, he retained the same aim: the highest quality. The character of the STRATO collection, distinct and inimitable, is easily recognised by connoisseurs. The collection often includes unique pieces, surprising for their true worth for those few who know to distinguish an appreciate it. The strictly classical lines and great modernity that typify and inspire Marco Gorini´s work produce timeless compositions that revel in the ephemeral criterions of fashion trends. They are part of a culture that unites people of similar opinion throughout the world; a passion for durability, which can be found in interior design of any style or period. The creative power of Marco Gorini would perhaps not have been expressed in works of such importance if the man himself were not so passionate for quality and beauty. These are the essential ideals to which Marco Gorini also associates food. Cooking is love, art and culture, the kitchen an irreplaceable convivial device and a place of shared pleasure: the basic values that are expressed through Marco Gorini´s work.

The preciousness of the object kitchen
Program 041 is, by excellence, the evolution of STRATO product, free of restrictions imposed by standardised modules. This freedom has enabled the product to be personalised right down to the smallest detail and it has allowed a practically limitless choice of materials. It also has conferred to the product "kitchen" a new value, inside the habitat space, defining it as a precious object of aesthetical contemplation.
The preciousness of this project solution is given by a choice of durable materials such as stones and metals, by important forms and high quality construction methods. The kitchen furniture from a simple functional object is transformed into a scenery piece that surprises, with virtuous volumes - in the cantilever bronze block in which another glass element supplied with trays for knives, is inserted - and with integrated lighting - by means of position lights with LED technology. For the work surface, it is utilized the new TOP INOX+
Made of steel profile and stone, to concrete extremely high quality and resistance during time. In the freestanding cabinet the detail of the deep cuts, emphasizes the material preciousness.

The geometrical compose rigour.
Program STILE introduces a modular logic, emphasized by means of a frame, which characterises planes and surfaces, giving a well defined geometrical compose rigour. The name STILE contains the initials of 5 adjectives that synthesize STRATO production: Superior, Technical, Interesting, Luxurious, Exclusive.
In this project solution, the inox edge is combined with an unusual material such as the "orange crystal".
Vertically, only one height for the 40mm changeable panels applied on a 20mm frame, establishes a productive standard, and, at the same time, an extreme adaptable product. Horizontally, absolutely new is the recessed TOP INOX+, enclosed in a inox frame, which confers high resistance to shock and usage, as well it allows the usage of a wider range of materials, including fragile laminated plastic, creating a system open to Various aesthetical solutions. Also in this case, the planet is changeable, assuring a renewable product.
DIE KOSTBARKEIT DES OBJEKTES KÜCHE Die STRATO Küchen richten sich an einen elitären Käuferkreis, der das Besondere in der Schlichtheit sucht.
Mit hoher Qualität und einem anspruchsvollen Design hat sich STRATO in den letzten 15 Jahren einen internationalen Ruf erobern können. Monolithische Grundformen mit klarer Linienführung, durch fortschrittliche technische Lösungen umgesetzt und auf einer spielerischen Interpretation der Volumina aufbauend, werden zu konsequentem, geradezu architektonischem Design - ein unverwechselbares Kennzeichen für den Stil von STRATO.
Die Produkte dienen als Projektwerkzeuge für ausgesuchte Handelspartner - für Deutschland der Showroom in Berlin. So wird gewährleistet, dass eine STRATO Küche als Unikat immer eine andere Wertigkeit innerhalb des häuslichen Raumes findet und ermöglicht die Freiheit, bis ins kleinste Detail sehr spezifisch zu sein. Das Küchenmöbel verwandelt sich von einem einfachen funktionalen Objekt in ein inszeniertes Stück und bildet die Basis für ein besseres Lebensgefühl.
In der intensiven Auseinandersetzung mit dem Kunden ist der Weg von der Küche bis hin zur kompletten Inneneinrichtung ein nicht seltener. Die ganzheitliche Ästhetik findet sich bei dem Kunden wieder - anspruchsvoll, luxuriös und exklusiv
STRATO DEUTSCHLAND Am Park 4 10785 Berlin Tel. 030 - 25792710 Fax 030 - 25792711 Hans-Olaf Schulz, Geschäftsführung; Architekt- Wolfgang Styra, Koordination; Buchhaltung - Edda Biermann, Architektin - Raphael Danke, Art Director - Mirjam Danke, Architektin -